Advertise your business


Advertise your business to listeners who are in a good mood when they hear your marketing message!

People¬†listen to Comedy radio to laugh. We are the cure for road rage! So when our listens hear your message, they are more receptive to it because they are not stressing over the News of the day or hearing the same song over and over. Our listeners are in a good mood by laughing at their favorite comic and anticipating the next funny bit! You want your advertising here if you are seeking men and women age 25-54 who live active lifestyles. Over 90% have at least one young child at home to buy things for. They love to be entertained and go out to eat often. They buy new cars and homes as well. Most have attended some college. So if this matches your target customers, then you need to ask about a marketing campaign on Funny 1260AM. We put your ads on the air and online for one affordable investment. And this is an investment in the growth of your business. Not all businesses are right for radio, and if you fall into that category, we will let you know. We want you to be successful so you’ll continue to do business with us. Call Bill for more details at 480-319-6565 or email at