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Tune in for Michael Yergin’s “Lunch Punch”  for a lunch time knock out punch of comedy every day at the bottom of your lunch hour right here on Today’s Comedy Radio. Michael Yergin- The Official United States Court Jester.Com has been a humorist for more than a half of century always making lemonade from lemons and using laughter as the best antidote “for what ails us. “Today’s Comedy Radio is proud to feature Yergin’s sardonic wit every day to always keep us laughing.

Michael Yergin is a nationally known and beloved radio host, author, positive psychology pioneer and comedian. Michael has appeared on CNN, CNBC,WGN-TV and hundreds of nationwide radio shows. His many endeavors have been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Time, Fortune, Money Magazine, Esquire, Golf, Car and Driver, Chicago Sun Times, New York Observer and Houston Chronicle and CNN Italy. Michael is a rare comedic Renaissance man.

Whether he’s doing stand up at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, interviewing Jackie Mason, Coach Mike Ditka, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Stephen J. Cannell and other famous friends or having dinner with President George H W Bush, or making Fortune 500 executives or the local bartender just smile a little bit more every day, Michael always entertains and makes us laugh.Michael Yergin’s Lunch

Punch everyday at lunchtime. Check out Michael’s web site by clicking on the picture below of Jackie Mason and Michael.Jackie and Mike