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Kevin Smith’s Stand-Up Special Taped Before His Heart Attack Is Coming To TV

Kevin Smith has made a name for himself in showbiz as a director and actor with a keen eye for delivering comedy, but he made headlines earlier this year for far more upsetting reasons. Back in February, Smith suffered a massive heart attack that very nearly resulted in his death, and it just so happened to occur right after he performed a stand-up comedy special that was filmed for Showtime. Now, it has been announced that not only will the special air, it will air next month.

The comedy special, called Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly, will air on May 11 on Showtime. It was taped the night before Kevin Smith suffered the heart attack that nearly killed him. It was the type of heart attack that has been dubbed a “widowmaker,” and he would have died if not for the quick thinking of friends and the quick actions of medical professionals. The stand-up routine that should be a celebration of what Smith brings to comedy could have been much more tragic if things had transpired differently on February 25.