Todays Comedy Radio 1260AM


Today’s Comedy Radio has taken over the Valley as THE choice for in car listening! We ARE the cure for Road Rage!

In fact, some consider Today’s Comedy Radio as their “in-car” therapy for their drive to and from work. It helps them arrive to work in a good mood…..and helps them relieve the stress of a hectic day on the drive home. They listen all the way there and back without “flipping” the station because you can’t find this kind of FUN on any other station in the Valley for FREE!

When those same people hear the advertising, they are in that same “Good Mood” and are more receptive to the message of the advertiser. So the ads are actually heard and NOT “tuned-out” as with most other formats. And if your an advertiser, that means your marketing is working better for you! And after all, isn’t that the whole purpose for advertising!

Build Top Of Mind Awareness for your Products and Services with a marketing campaign on Today’s Comedy Radio!

With our simulcast and internet streaming, your message will be included in ALL platforms…AM, FM, and internet streaming and smartphone apps for one affordable rate.

And by the way, while TV drops in viewers, radio maintains stability in listeners (according to Nielsen’s latest reports).  So if someone says to you “who listens to radio anymore?”, you can tell them “just about EVERYONE” 🙂

Call 480-319-6565 or email and get the information you need to make an informed decision to GROW your business.

Sometimes you may even have to pull off the road and LAUGH! That’s good…you deserve a break!

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